Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Server 2008 Virtual Cluster with Hyper-V

I spent the last few days building out a virtual Server 2008 clustered environment in Hyper-V RC0 (I hvae not upgraded to RC1 yet) to do some prototyping for a project. After some playing, I found out you cannot create a shared vhd for multiple virutals to share. So the challenge is how do I setup a shared drive for my cluster quorum and storage. After some research, I found this blog entry (which is right-on, worked great!)

You basically need to create a virtual san on another virutal server using iSCSI to create your shared disks for the cluster. I had the StarWind software up and running in no time. NOTE: If you get an error that the StartWind software cannot obtain exclusive access to the drives in the VM, try closing windows explorer if you were browsing that drive. :) I was also able to install StarWind into a virtual running Server 2008 standard without any problems.

Another note...after getting everything up and running, I was adding a second cluster resource and needed a another cluster storage drive. After shutting down the virtual running the StarWind software, I added another SCSI vhd through the Hyper-V management console. Once I started the virtual back up, I was unable to format the new drive for use. I had to shutdown the StarWind service before I was able to format the drive, even though that drive was not yet added as a device in StarWind.

I am now in the process of setting up a couple of clustered MSMQ queues to use with WCF and some backend processing applications. As this comes together and hopefully works, I will post more information.


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